Drummer on "Exposed"

What can I say? Luca is one of my favourite drummers, and I don’t just mean “favourite drummers I play with” – I mean absolutely. He is up there with the greatest, as far as I’m concerned and most people who have worked with him and listened to him would agree. Solid, amazingly musical, reliable. He’s worked with loads of artists and played in top TV orchestras in Italy. He has performed and recorded with so many top artists it would take too long to list them. To top it up he’s a modest guy and a total blast to work and travel with.

We have played together countless times in many different situations, and toured together in 2012 and 2013 with Il Volo.

Luca is the guy who puts up with my walking mania and is always ready for a brisk walk across Manhattan, the hills of El Paso or the rain forests in Panama!

"EXPOSED", il nuovo album è ora disponibile.