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zamWorld - aidanZammit online

Music, Keyboards, Technology

Welcome to zamWorld! My name is Aidan Zammit. I'm a Maltese musician based in Rome, Italy. My activities include keyboard and guitar playing, singing, composing and orchestration, music production, audio and midi programming.

These are some artists I have had the pleasure of working with: Mike Francis,  Nicola Piovani, Vincenzo Cerami,  Niccolò Fabi,
Mystic Diversions, Claudio Baglioni,  Gianni Morandi, Robbie Dupree, Bungaro, Antonello Venditti, Andrea Bocelli,  Goblin, Il Volo, Marco Mengoni.




...prima o poi.


Goblin Rebirth 2015 album and tour
Mystic Diversions 2015 album
Claudio Baglioni
/ Gianni Morandi tour & recording 2014-2015
Goblin USA Tour,
Nicola Piovani
- Movie sessions,
Pasquale Filastò
Movie sessions,
Il Volo USA/Latin American Tour 2013, Myself

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Last updated : 14th September 2014

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