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zamWorld - aidanZammit online

Music, Keyboards, Technology

Welcome to zamWorld! My name is Aidan Zammit. I'm a Maltese musician based in Rome, Italy. My activities include keyboard and guitar playing, singing, composing and orchestration, music production, audio and midi programming.

These are some artists I have had the pleasure of working with: Mike Francis,  Nicola Piovani, Vincenzo Cerami,  Niccolò Fabi,
Mystic Diversions, Claudio Baglioni,  Robbie Dupree, Bungaro, Antonello Venditti, Andrea Bocelli,  Goblin, Il Volo, Marco Mengoni.




in arrivo


Goblin Rebirth 2015 album and tour
Mystic Diversions 2015 album
Claudio Baglioni
tour 2014
Goblin USA Tour,
Nicola Piovani
- Movie sessions,
Pasquale Filastò
Movie sessions,
Il Volo USA/Latin American Tour 2013, Myself

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Last updated : 20h March 2015

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